Our World…

 is characterized by the constant search for the perfect partner, the fulfilling job, living the happy life and the perfect exploitation of our potential. 

We need to process more and more information but in less time to then deliver high-performance. Always empowering ourselves to reach the next level.

The consequences are devastating: ever-increasing stress, depression rates, lack of health and more lost sense to adapt are on the agenda. A vicious cycle that keeps turning round and round.

The biggest challenge in life is to overcome being continuously unsatisfied. – Buddha

…Mindful Business

includes a fundamental and conscious understanding (Mindful) of the basic personal & economic connection (business) in life.

How do you guide yourself? What are you doing for your well-being? Are you putting your dent in the universe? Are you going through life thinking clearly and acting consciously? What you pursue does that bear any meaning to you?

The Vision of Mindful Business is that YOU become the CEO of your life. Start thinking clearly & act consciously to live a meaningful life.  

If there is no consensus about the fundamentals in life, it makes no sense to make plans together. – Konfuzius 

My Promise to you…

〉〉〉 bring more clarity & orientation into your life

〉〉〉 a basic understanding of Life’s traits

〉〉〉 building sustainable relationships with people

〉〉〉 keep your mind & body healthy 

〉〉〉 challenge your fears & make decisions

…I am 

on the one hand many trainings, seminars and life experience (Master of Business., Business and start-up consultant, certified personnel & nutritional coach, psychological counselor, …). On the other hand, I deal with myself and face challenges every day.

Usually we look at individual chapters of life and not the whole book. True Strength and happiness lies in recognizing that everything is connected in unity.

My Mission: to bring more common sense, ease and empathy into the world. Think clearly! Act consciously! Live healthy!

We cannot teach anyone, we can only support them to develop from within  – Galileo Galilei

“I have perceived Timm as a very competent and reliable partner. That’s why he is irreplaceable as a mentor to the Start-Up Loft”

Philipp Müller CEO Startup Loft & Drivar GmbH

“I have already worked with Timm as a coach and I was very intrigued by his abilities. Therefore, I can recommend him to 100%.”

Jacob DrachenbergTrainer für Gesunde Stressbewältigung

“For all the questions and tips regarding exercise and nutrition in a stressful working environment, I could really count on Timm’s competence.”

Tino Fischer Senior Manager & Prokurist Deloitte GmbH

I look forward to reading from you